Layout Photos added 3/12/99

This is the view of layout that is seen upon entering the room. A large curved wooden trestle is planned to span the gap at the end of this peninsula. To the right is the town of West Valley. Trestle
This is a closer view of West Valley. Westbound trains come here from East Valley, which is on the other side of the peninsula. West Valley
The town of East Valley is on the lower level, with the town of Summit on the upper. East and West Valley are at 40", Summit is 56". The track distance from East Valley to Summit is about 350'. East Valley
Here is a shot of the town of Summit, on top of the peninsula. Summit
This is the approach to the centerpiece of the layout, Horseshoe Curve. The tracks to the right climb to the curve from West Valley, the center track is exiting Lebanon, and the left track serves a coal tipple and continues to Summit. Curve Approach
Here is Horseshoe Curve. When scenery is complete, there will be a reservoir in the center of the curve, and a park area in front of the rock face to the left. Horseshoe Curve
This is a shot of the hills on the other side of the Curve. Horseshoe Curve
These are the uphill tracks leaving the curve, on the way to Annville. Horseshoe Curve
Here is the basic framework that is under the mountains on the uphill side of Horseshoe Curve. Mountains
Here I am using a staple gun to fasten sheets of "Geodesic Foam Scenery" to the layout edge in this area. Hot glue is used to attach to the blue supports. (Also, seeing me in the picture gives you an idea of how big the layout really is.) Mountains
This picture of the yard at Annville looking East gives you an idea of the size of this yard. Annville
This picture shows the spacing of the yard tracks at Annville. From left, passenger, commuter, main, a/d 1, a/d 2, class 1, class 2, class 3, RIP, thoroughfare. Yard Tracks
Here is the 30" (120 scale feet) turntable at Annville. Turntable
This picture (sorry for the quality) is of the exit from Annville yard to the West. The main passes under the black elevated steel trestle. The trestle connects to Summit. Westbound from Annville
This is the town of Lebanon, looking East. Lebanon
These are the temporary bridges spanning the doorway to the workshop and staging room. The top two will be Warren Trusses, with a Bascule on the bottom. Bridges
The final picture shows the entrances to the two staging yards. The train travels nearly 5 scale miles between these yards. The lower yard control panel is also shown. Staging Entrances