Adding a creamery industry to West Valley

The original design for the town of West Valley consisted of a mainline (light ballast), a passing siding/secondary mainline (dark ballast), an industry track and team track off the secondary, a passenger station on the main and a small creamery siding, also off the main. The creamery building was assumed to be in the aisle. Because of trailing points, the creamery could only be served by Eastbound local passenger trains. There had to be a better way. Original West Valley
Adding about 3 inches to the layout in this area allowed a new, expanded creamery building to get "built" as shown in green. The old siding became the outbound track for Pasteurized, homogenized milk that is shipped out in cars with glass-lined insulated tanks (like giant Thermos bottles). My creamery just processes the milk and ships it out to be bottled. A new inbound milk track and a runaround/holding track were also added as shown. Rebuild Showing Creamery Location
With the creamery building removed down to the foundation, we can see the inbound and outbound milk tracks and their uses. Rebuild Showing Track Uses
This is how the area appears today, with the creamery building completely in the aisle space. Rebuild Showing Invisible Creamery