Creamery Switching by Morning Local Passenger Train number 53

Local passenger train 53 left Cumberland, MD in the wee hours of the morning. It has stopped at many small milk platforms, picking up loaded 40-quart cans of raw milk from local dairy farmers. These cans were loaded into two PRR R50B refrigerator cars. Empty cans from the cars were exchanged for the loaded cans, so the farmers would have cans to use for the days' milking. Here the train is arriving in West Valley on the passing siding. Train 53 Arrives
This photo shows most of the consist of train 53. Behind the locomotive (today a class E6s 4-4-2) are two empty milk tank cars with glass-lined tanks, the two R50b reefers with loaded cans of raw milk from the farms and the first of two X29 express boxcars. A single P70 coach car brings up the rear. Train 53 consist
The train is uncoupled between the reefers and the express boxcars, and the locomotive pulls the milk tanks and reefers clear of the runaround switch. First Move
The loaded reefers are temporarily spotted on the runaround track. Their destination is the inbound milk track. Second Move
The cars get uncoupled here. It looks like the runaround track is barely long enough for the two reefers... almost like it was designed for them, LOL! Reefers Temporarily Spotted
Next, the locomotive backs to the other end of the runaround track... Backing Down Main
The locomotive enters the runaround track and pushes the reefers into the inbound milk track. In the Runaround
Note that this move does not require an operating coupler on the front of the locomotive. Spotting the Reefers
With the reefers spotted, the locomotive backs clear of the runaround escape switch. Inbound Reefers Complete
The empty milk tank cars are uncoupled and left on the runaround track. Tanks on Runaround
The locomotive leaves the runaround track and pulls clear of the switch... Locomotive Clear
... before backing up, entering the passing siding and coupling back onto the train. Coupling Back Up
After pumping up the air pressure, train 53 leaves the passing siding and heads to West Valley station. Approaching West Valley Station
Finally, the coach is spotted at the station so passengers may board or exit from the train. Hey, if they didn't want to wait for all of that switching, they should have bought a ticket for the Express! Station Stop
After train 53 has departed, here is the situation in West Valley. Morning Status