Creamery Switching by Freight Train number WMA-41

In late morning, local freight train WMA-41 arrives in West Valley. This train left Cumberland, MD and has switched the town of East Valley prior to arriving here. The locomotive (here a class L1s 2-8-2) is preparing to uncouple and leave the WMA-41 consist on the passing siding. WMA-41 Arrives
After uncoupling, the locomotive pulls loaded milk tank cars from the outbound milk track. Pulling Outbound Track
It backs down the main with the loaded cars until clear of the runaround switch. Backing Move
It then enters the runaround track... Entering Runaround
... and pushes the empty milk tank cars off the runaround track and into the outbound milk track. Pushing Milk Tanks
The empty milk tanks get uncoupled... Uncoupling Milk Tanks
... and the locomotive backs into the runaround track to spot the loaded milk tank cars there. All Milk Tanks Spotted
After backing out of the runaround track, the locomotive moves up the main... Loco on Main
... and backs onto its freight train so switching can continue. The freight switching of the industry and team tracks is not shown here. Coupling to Freight
After all switching in West Valley is complete, train WMA-41 has received clearance to proceed to Annville up the secondary mainline. WMA-41 Departing
Here is the status of West Valley later in the day and after WMA-41 has departed. Afternoon Status