Creamery Switching by Afternoon Local Passenger Train number 52

This photo shows Eastbound passenger local train 52 arriving in West Valley on the main. Train 52 Arriving
The coach is spotted and uncoupled at the West Valley passenger station. Coach Spotting
The locomotive (today a class K4s 4-6-2) uncouples from the express boxcars and pulls forward past the runaround switch. Locomotive Pulling Forward
The locomotive backs into the runaround track, couples to the loaded milk tank cars... Coupling to Milk Tanks
... and continues back to couple to the now empty reefer cars. The cars are not actually empty, since the creamery has loaded the cars with empty 40-quart cans. Pulling Reefers
The milk tanks and reefers get pulled through the runaround and clear of the runaround switch. Clearing the Runaround
These cars get backed down the main to couple onto the rest of train 52. Assembling Train 52
The train is assembled and air is pumped up. Pumping Air
As train 52 departs for Cumberland, West Valley appears as it did at the beginning of the day. The consist for train 52 will become train 53 in the next operating session "tomorrow." The milk cars have been switched by three different trains in order to keep the creamery operating a peak efficiency! Train 52 Departing