Layout Photos

Follow the links below to view new photos added February, 2010 or the older photos.

Recent Photos Around the P&W, added 02/04/10

Building Summit Trestle, added 02/03/10

Switching Industries in Annville Yard, added 02/01/10

How Furnace Hill Coal Co. was Built, added 08/13/02

Mainline Tour Photos added 07/17/02 (Includes finished and unfinished areas)

Scenic View Photos added 07/13/02 (Best areas of finished scenery)

Construction Update Photos added 07/13/02 (Also some finished detail shots)

Construction Photos added 05/29/00 (Hardshell added)

Construction Photos added 02/10/00 (These and earlier are pre-hardshell)

Construction Photos added 11/21/99

Construction Photos added 3/12/99