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Pennsylvania & Western Railroad
Trackplan Diagram and Layout Schematic

Click on the link below to view the trackplan for the Pennsylvania & Western RR.
The trackplan is provided with the permission of O Gauge Railroading Magazine
and is copyrighted by them.
The Pennsylvania & Western is a large model railroad. The main room is 52 feet
long and 28 feet wide (not counting the 10x12 extension that houses Horseshoe
Curve. The design is point to point, with the main staging yards in an adjacent
8x18 room at the lower left of the plan. The mainline run is 550 feet (5 scale
miles), spiraling three times around the room on the trip between staging yards.
A branch line leaves the Main Line at Gap Junction and ends in a three-track
staging yard under Horseshoe Curve.


Click on the link below to view a schematic diagram of the Pennsylvania & Western RR.
All of the towns are shown as well as the locations represented by staging. The
distances between towns are not shown to scale. For example, it is about a scale mile
from West Valley to Annville but only one third of a scale mile from Annville to Lebanon.