Layout Photos added 2/1/10
Switching Industries in Annville Yard

Switching within Annville Yard Limits is usually performed using a diesel switcher like this 1000 horsepower Fairbanks-Morse H10-44 (PRR class FS10). Here the FS10 is ready to leave the enginehouse. FS10 in Enginehouse
Here the switcher is pushing an empty 50-foot boxcar from the Pennsylvania House Furniture Co. cleanout track to the company's loading dock. Pushing 50-foot Furniture Boxcar
Spotting the car at the loading dock. The furniture company is scratchbuilt from foamcore, Masonite, a little Plastruct brick (in the older wing) and Korber windows. Pennsylvania House Furniture Loading Dock
Here the switcher is pulling boxcars from Pennsylvania House Receiving Door #2 in the older section of the factory. Pennsylvania House Receiving Door #2
This is an overall shot of the industrial district at the West end of Annville Yard. Industrial District
The FS10 is spotting a boxcar full of miscellaneous "stuff" at Havron & Son General Storage Warehouse #7. Switching Havron & Son
The diesel switcher also handles passenger switching of head-end cars. Here it is preparing to pull a PRR X29 express boxcar from the Railway Express office at the East end of Annville Yard. Switching Railway Express
The FS10 is moving the express boxcar past the Post Office building, on the way to spotting it on the West Coach Track for pickup by Westbound passenger train number 13. The car will be pulled past the underground station platform, so a diesel is preferred over a steam engine (less smoke) for this job. Near Post Office