Recent Photos on the P&W RR (2008-2010)

This PRR class N1s 2-10-2 has just come off the road and is stopped at the ash pit. The fireman is contemplating the task of dumping the fire. N1s at Ash Pit
The crew of PRR class C1 0-8-0 boards the locomotive at the Annville Yard Office prior to taking out the Reading interchange transfer run. The office building was scratchbuilt of styrene by noted local modeler Mike Havron and is patterned after Rose Tower in Altoona as it appeared in the early 1950's. Yard Office
At the East end of Annville Yard are the Diesel engine service area, the Post Office and Railway Express. This photo looks over the roofs of Lima, Alco and EMD power to the Post Office (with spotted baggage mail car) and Railway Express buildings. Annville East End
Westbound PRR class H10s 2-8-0 is approaching the signal at Rockview on the head end of freight train WME-14. The train originated at Cumberland, MD and will stop at Annville before proceeding to Enola Yard, Harrisburg. H10s in Rockview
A pair of Alco RS-1's (PRR class AS10am) pass through Lebanon westbound. The units are passing the large Leighsom Pipe Co. building. Alcos in Lebanon
Here is eastbound coal drag SE-32 from Shire Oaks Yard to Enola Yard. The train is shown passing by the Lebanon downtown area. Usually this train stops in Annville to drop off a few loaded hoppers. Coal in Lebanon
The Summit A&P warehouse stores all kinds of foodstuff prior to distribution. In the foreground is an exquisite PRR maintenance of way shed built by Jon Barker, another excellent local modeler. Summit A&P
Here is what passes for the "main drag" through the East end of Summit. The railroad serves Summit Coal on the left. Not shown are two team tracks and Summit Oil to the right of this photo. Summit Coal
Summit Oil ships a couple of tank cars every day. Summit Oil
East Valley is home to a couple of I1sa 2-10-0 snappers (called helper locomotives on other railroads) that push heavy freight trains up the hill and around Horseshoe Curve to Annville Yard. Snapper at East Valley
In this final photo, a freight with snapper is shown rounding Horseshoe Curve. I had to tread water in the reservoir to get this photo! Snapper on the Curve