Layout Photos added 7/13/02
Construction Update
and Some Finished Photos!

Note: The photos on this page have a larger version available by clicking on the photo. The large version will open in a new window.

Finally, about 25% of the layout has nearly-finished scenery. I just finished a big push to complete several areas. Here is an overview of Horseshoe Curve. Horseshoe Curve
To the west of Horseshoe Curve is the town of Franklin (lower level) and AE tower (upper level). AE tower controls the approach to Annville Yard from the east. Franklin and AE tower
To the east of Horseshoe Curve is the town of Lebanon (middle level) and the double-track mainline climbing to the Curve from the valley towns. Here is an early version of the idea for Lebanon. Lebanon mock-up
The design for Lebanon was modified and finalized, and here the background hills are mocked-up using 1/4 inch extruded styrofoam sheets. Lebanon background mock-up
Finally, here is Lebanon with the backdrop hills and building fronts in place. Lebanon overview
Lebanon viewed from the east end of town. The last building on the corner was kitbashed from two MTH corner drugstores into a 3-story building. Lebanon from the east
There is law and order in Lebanon. The owner of this shiny new car is getting no slack from the meter maid! The street and sidewalk are both made from the same 1/4 inch extruded pink styrofoam that was used to mock-up the background hills. Lebanon meter maid
At one end of town is Lebanon Lumber & Coal. On Saturdays, Earl the hot dog vendor usually stops by. The buildings are a Walther's Cornerstone kit. Lebanon Lumber & Coal
Fred doesn't mind work. He can stand around and watch it all day! Lebanon Lumber & Coal shed
The small coal loader was scratchbuilt by a 2-railer friend from some photos. A hopper car would be spotted with a door over the pit, that door opened so coal could fall into the pit, and a conveyor angled into the pit would lift the coal into a second conveyor and then into the delivery truck. Scratchbuilt Coal Loader
Just outside town is the railroad's LW tower. LW stands for Lebanon West, since it is on the west end of Lebanon. The building is a Walther's built-up signal tower that I repainted to Pennsy colors. LW tower
The main industry in Franklin is that town's branch of the Altoona Brewing Co. This building is made of DPM modular wall sections. Altoona Brewing Co.
Altoona Brewing Co is close to the tracks so workers can see, hear and feel the trains. Altoona Brewing Co. and train
Ned and Lola, two brewery employees, pass the time on their break. For some reason, Lola is very popular among the men at the brewery. Brewery workers talking