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Scenic Vistas Along the
Pennsylvania & Western

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Photo of trains passing AE Tower, taken from trackside in Franklin (near the brewery). Trains at AE Tower
Trains on the west end of Horseshoe Curve, cresting the top of the 1.8% grade. West end of Horseshoe Curve
A train on the east end of Horseshoe Curve, passing Kittanning Point station and signal bridge. The bridge was kitbashed from three Plasticville signal bridges, with electronics and heads from an MTH Pennsy bridge. Signal aspects are temporarily wired and not operational! East end of Horseshoe Curve
Below Horseshoe Curve is the road along the reservoir that runs past the gift shop. The fenceposts are 3/16 dowels and the cables are 30 gauge insulated wire. Road beneath Horseshoe Curve
Finally, here is a shot of Horseshoe Curve park early in the morning. A few early risers have managed to come out and are rewarded with a passing reefer train. Horseshoe Curve Park