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(This page last modified on 11/21/99.)

This area contains both prototype railroad and model railroad links that are some of my favorites. In the prototype area are only a few PRR-related links, but each of these in turn contains many interesting links that can take hours to explore. In the model railroad area are some links relating to O-scale, 3-rail, and to some of the groups I belong to. The NMRA's Layout Design SIG (Special Interest Group) and Operations SIG areas are particularly good if you think you might want to design your "dream" layout or you want to operate a layout like the prototype would.

Prototype Pennsylvania Railroad Links

Chris Brandt's PRR Home Page A really great site with all sorts of Pennsy stuff, including the logo that I stole! If you're a fan of the Pennsy, you could easily spend at least a week exploring all of the links here.

The Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society links page This provides a list of prototype-based pages, including Chris Brandt's.

Fallen Flag and Shortline Railroad Photos This huge site contains many, many photos of prototype railroad equipment, with an alphabetical listing of railroad names to guide you.

Model Railroad Links

The Mother of All Railroad Chat Lists Got too much time on your hands? Interested in some aspect of model trains or prototype railroads? Then sign up for some of the chat lists that are available here and spend the rest of your life reading e-mail! Seriously, this is a great way to meet and correspond with people across the nation (and the world on some lists) who share your interests.

The Operations Special Interest Group Home Page If you are interested in designing a layout for prototypical operation or are interested in learning how to operate a model layout in a realistic manner, there is some great introductory material here. Follow the links at the bottom of the page. By the way, I am the 1999 Mid-Central Regional Coordinator for the OPSIG, so feel free to e-mail me with any questions regarding operations. My e-mail link is on the Main Page.

The Layout Design Special Interest Group Home Page If you are really interested in designing a layout for prototypical operation, or a layout that will do what you have in mind when it is completed, the Layout Design group information can really help. It would be terrible to spend the time and money it takes to build a layout and find out that it wasn't what you wanted. Ideas from the LDSIG (of which I am also a loyal member) can help avoid this.

Model Railroad Tips, Tricks, and Techniques There is a lot a very useful information here for those building a layout, particularly if you don't have a lot of experience. There is also a link at the bottom of the page to the Railroad Web Ring, which contains hundreds of train-related sites, both model and prototype. Another place where you can spend as much free time as you have!

Gord's Railtours, etc. page This page lists about everything in O-scale, 2 and 3-rail. Manufacturers, clubs, Hobby Shop guides, etc. can all be found here.

Bragdon Enterprises sells the resin materials that I am using for my scenery plus some really great rubber rock molds and other stuff. Joel Bragdon is a great guy to deal with. I have no interest in this company other than being a very satisfied customer. is a site that contains layout ideas and modeller web sites submitted by model railroaders around the world.